Journey to Jefferson

The Journey To Jefferson

Once there was a 12-year-old boy named Gary, who peddled his paperboy bike over to The Poboy Bakery on Franklin Avenue. Upon entering, he was greeted by Mr. Jerry (Seely) the owner. Gary asked for a job and Mr. Jerry handed him a broom. As Gary grew, Mr. Jerry dubbed him Koz (a Kamakazi pilot without a plane), because of his antics.

In 1978, Mr. Jerry and Koz moved The Bakery from the corner of Franklin and Filmore in Gentilly to 5321 Franklin, the once Teddy’s Meat Market. After fashioning the meat market into a restaurant in the style that only Koz and friends could accomplish, Mr. Jerry and Koz bought the building in 1983. Sadly in November of that year, Uncle Teddy Gabb passed away leaving the upstairs apartment open for Koz and his new wife, Shawn. Koz, Shawn, sons, Max, Gerald, Sam and dog Moose have lived there happily ever since.

Koz always the steadfast protector of The Bakery and his home refused to leave whenever a storm threatened. As he, Max, Roz Tierney, Billy Mayrone, and Otto Munch guarded the homestead; Katrina came knocking and boy did she knock hard. The roof blew off the apartment causing the bedroom ceilings to cave in and the water rose to 10 feet inside The Bakery. Roz, Otto, along with two other families they had rescued, were airlifted from The Bakery to UNO. Koz still did not want to leave his beloved Franklin Avenue. It took Max and Billy with the help of Rudy Major’s boat to get him out. Koz and Max via boat joined Roz and Otto at UNO. By the end of the week the family was safe and back together in Denham Springs.

With no restaurant and no place to call home the Gruenigs traveled to Jackson, MS, where they realized they had to get closer to home to help rebuild New Orleans. Koz’s sister, Jackie and Shawn’s mom and dad take turns housing the family. Through the grace of God and good friends, Darlene and Gerald Thomas leased Koz the restaurant you are enjoying now. Special thanks to John Gillette for his hard work to help us get open.

Koz and his Gentilly Crew: John Gillette and Dennis Matherne are so happy to be in Harahan. They look forward to the same warm relationship in this community that they enjoyed for so many years in Gentilly.

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